Holden Caulfield has several fatal attractions, he is constantly drawn to people with big problems. This is a problem because their problems depress Holden. One example of a fatal attraction is Holden's relationship with Jane. He was most attracted to her in her most venerable time, when they are playing chess and her stepfather intrudes. This is fatal because he tries to comfort Jane and she pushes him away, preventing their relationship from moving forward and depressing Holden, who really likes Jane. Another example of a fatal attraction is the attraction between Holden and the prostitute, Sunny. He wanted a prostitute because he wanted to look "cool" but once he meets Sunny, he is drawn to her and wants to learn about her and how she got to where she was in life out of pity. Thus Holden starts talking to her but she isn't interested in talking. This is bad because she depresses Holden and her not talking is only making it worse. So the result of these fatal attractions is that Holden's depression worsens. I think that Holden is attracted to these people because he needs a second chance at being a good person. He wasn't a good person when it came to Allie, and now he has lost the chance to make it right. 
    This is an composition that I think Holden would have written to the prompt: What is the best gift you have ever given?

      Broadway is packed as usual, it is a cold Saturday in New York and I have my favorite hunting hat on. It is red like the blood that spills out of heroes in all the phony movies. The ear flaps are pulled down to protect me from the cold, I don' t care much about what I look like. The smell of cigarette smoke floats out of a cap and I wish I hadn't smoked my last one twenty minutes ago. Suddenly, snow falls in these huge fluffy flakes and a bunch of kids in front of me walk with their mouths wide open. I walk past them quickly I'm in a bit of a rush. Today is Christmas and I have to get home before my parents wake up. I went out early to shop because I forgot to yesterday. None of the stores had what I wanted for my sister Phoebe, but an idea blasted into my head as I pulled my hat farther over my face and wished that I had enough money left for a cab. I would give her my hat, I had given it to her before but she returned it. Now I wanted her to have it so she could keep warm too. Not just that, but I had memories tied to that hat of my last hours at Pencey and then my adventures in New York. I wanted her to have memories to add to the hat's story, something that we were connected with. We could share stories about things we did while wearing the hat and everything. So I rushed home and wrapped it up real nice. Boy, you should have seen the look on her face when she opened the hat, she was so happy. 



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    January 2013