This is a Gatsby Wordle that I made, the colors are gold and silver because of Gatsby's gold and silver suit. Also, I made everything surround Gatsby as a 
This is a news article of a report on Gatsby's death:

BREAKING NEWS: Gatsby is dead! The man known for his extensive and elaborate parties was shot in a homicide yesterday. He was killed by a man named George Wilson. Gatsby was found in his pool, which he was enjoying on its last day open, his butler reported. Wilson's body was found a few feet away from Gatsby's with a bullet through his head. Forensic scientists declared the gun belonged to Wilson this morning.
   His motives were also identified by the scientists this morning. Wilson had lost his wife the evening previous in a car accident. His wife, Myrtle, was killed in a graphic accident where her body was torn apart.  A mysterious yellow car was seen crash into her, but did not stop. The car was later identified as Jay Gatsby's by a man named Tom Buchanan. Once Wilson discovered this, his mourning quickly escalated into anger. By morning he was missing and had gone to Gatsby's and killed him and himself by the late afternoon. No longer will the great Gatsby through enormous parties on the West Egg, he is gone. The funeral was a small and private affair, not at all what we would expect from a man like Gatsby. He is buried in a cemetery on the West Egg, which is accessible to the public eight to five Monday to Friday.

Here is what I would make each character in Gatsby be if they were a food in the form of a Pinterest Board:
 The fashion in Gatsby is iconic, representing the fashions of the decade. These fashions are not just to show the status and flair of each character but to show symbolism that reflects each character.  For Gatsby there are multiple incidents of examples of this. In Chapter 5 Gatsby comes to his first tea with Daisy, clad in a luxurious white suit with a silver shirt and gold tie. This is a symbol of his nervousness and desperation. He is wildly desperate for Daisy's approval and is extremely nervous to see her for the first time in five years; thus he attempts to show off his affluence by wearing colors that represent wealth and success: gold and silver. In a fashion sense it was spot-on for the times, a clean cut and silhouette but a flashy color combination.  Fitzgerald also uses color symbolism for Gatsby with the pink suit. This represents infatuation because it is pink -- not quite the deep crimson of love,  but the lighter, less real version, on the more obsessive side. Gatsby was defiantly infatuated with Daisy and not in love with her. He was infatuated with the real her but truly in love with the idea of her, the idea of the Golden Girl.  Daisy has some fashion symbolism of her own. Not only do her clothes extenuate the glamour of he age but her mostly white wardrobe represents the angelic and pure pedestal that Gatsby puts her on. White is Daisy's color because it shows how Gatsby views her: a pure perfect angel. Is she one? No, this is the idea of her that Gatsby has dreamed of, this angel, this Golden Girl, who doesn't exist. He has fathomed her, the entire has created her and Gatsby has put this idea into his head in replacement of the real Daisy,  in replacement of all the real memories he had of her. 
This is the 2013 version of Gatsby in his soaking wet gold and silver suit. Image from: 

This is Daisy in one of her classic white dresses. This Image is from:



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